modsocs A-Z of modern manchester

modsocs A-Z of modern manchester


an alphabet of 20th century greater manchester architecture, from the manchester modernist society. in regular instalments from aldine to zochonis.

U is for Underground and Unbuilt

UPosted by Jack Hale Sat, February 18, 2012 12:00:36
Underground Railway - the Picc-Vic

Unbuilt - proposals abandoned c.1977

Manchester City Centre

features in the exhibition 'Infra_MANC', February 2012: curated by Richard Brook (Manchester School of Architecture) and Martin Dodge (Department of Geography, University of Manchester)

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U is for Underground

UPosted by Eddy Rhead Fri, April 22, 2011 10:21:06
Guardian Telephone Exchange 1954 -55 Ministry of Works

If the video doesn't play - try here

Location - TOP SECRET - (sort of!)

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