modsocs A-Z of modern manchester

modsocs A-Z of modern manchester


an alphabet of 20th century greater manchester architecture, from the manchester modernist society. in regular instalments from aldine to zochonis.

O is for Offal

OPosted by Eddy Rhead Fri, March 11, 2011 12:28:58
United Cattle Products Restaurant, Market Street, Manchester. Now Schuh.

M1 1PW

The popularity of tripe in the first half of the C20th peaked when UCP opened their flagship store on Market Street, Manchester in 1964. Situated in Pall Mall externally it had the modernist feel of the day. Internally it seems no expense was spared and tripe could be enjoyed in surroundings that were the height of sophistication. The Manchester Evening News reported, “Soft music and pleasant surroundings induce a relaxed atmosphere. Features include… large windows overlooking busy Market Street, the neat cloakroom and the soft browns and oranges of the décor….” “Dominating the cafeteria is a giant panel depicting a country landscape with trees, fields and a river. The panel was designed and executed in Italy and covers most of the wall. It is illuminated in bright and cheerful colours. Immediately beneath it is yet another unusual feature of this ultra modern premises. It is a fountain and miniature waterfall in a natural rock setting with artificial flowers and ferns.”

“One of the most impressive highlights is the banqueting suite on the top floor. Most of one wall has been faced with Westmorland Green Stone, while on the other side of the large dining room is a wall covered with blue animal hide” (I’m not making this up!)

“Just off the main dining room in the Coniston Suite is a reception room with a bar; the dance floor is of maple wood and the lighting is housed in ceiling recesses.”
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