modsocs A-Z of modern manchester

modsocs A-Z of modern manchester


an alphabet of 20th century greater manchester architecture, from the manchester modernist society. in regular instalments from aldine to zochonis.

Y is for YMCA

YPosted by Eddy Rhead Mon, April 09, 2012 11:28:34
Former YMCA - Peter Street

Woodhouse, Corbett and Dean


A little out of our period but included because it is a very modern building underneath its very grand terracotta facade. The core of the building is of reinforced concrete and represents an early use of the material in Great Britain. Probably because of the YMCA's origins in the USA the architects chose to use a system devised by the architect Albert Kahn and was necessitated by the fact the designs called for a swimming pool on the top floor - creating huge loads on the building. Sadly all of the internal evidence of the YMCA - the swimming pool, gymnasium and running track etc - has been removed. M2 3NQ

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