modernist heroines

modernist heroines

north west heroines of the 20th century

Winifred Brown

Winifred BrownPosted by Maureen Tue, March 01, 2011 15:16:49

Salfordian aviatrix and the first woman to join the Lancashire Aero Club in 1926.

As the first woman to win the King’s Cup in 1930, Winifred became an instant star across the world, especially in her home city of Salford.

During the Second World War, Winifred worked as Chief Coxswain in the Marine Department of Saunders Roe, the flying boat constructors in Beaumaris. Winifred worked with a fleet of R.A.F. craft with all-male crews, met Catalinas from Bermuda, landed and embarked crews and towed aircraft....

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